What about a Bohemian chicken coop?


(Meet Pearl, my Delaware chick, the cowboy hat was a must because she just has that tough western look about her. Don’t ya think?)


Which comes first, the chicks or the coop? On my farm the chicks came well before the coop. Yes I know that’s not the way it should be done but when you’re impulsive like I am and can’t resist the fluffy cuteness of a baby chick, things tend to get out of order real quick!

As the babies are rapidly growing out of their brooder,  I am frantically searching for just the right coop for the little darlings to call home. If I were a practical woman I would order one of the many wonderful coop kits off the net and call it good. Well, we both know that practical isn’t a word typically used when describing my character. My creative mind is begging for something with a  bit of whimsy and free spirit. I’m thinking about a coop with a little gypsy magic and artsy flair to it.


I would love to find an old gypsy wagon for my girls to call home. Any chick, including yours truly,  would be thrilled to hang out in a colorful piece of art like this gem found on Pinterest.

As much as I would love to find something fun and whimsical, time is ticking and the chicks are out growing their cramped quarters rather quickly.  Even with that said, I certainly Don’t intend on settling for a cookie cutter coop or boring shed. Whatever I find will no doubt be eventually decked out and cutie-fied to make the perfect chick pad for my new feathered friends.

In the mean time I would love it if you would share  your creative ideas and coop pics with me.

Happy coop hunting!



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