Flea markets, estate and tag sales, oh my!


Estate sales, flea markets and art shows Oh my!

yes it’s that time of year again, the snow has melted and the birds are feathering their nests. It’s spring, well almost.

I’m starting to feel the itch ready to wade thru piles of rusty patina and discarded treasure to find something really cool and too good to pass up.

Last year proved to be productive and competitive just like the day I snagged an awesome find. The day I found my Bungalow Betty.

This is her story; My friend from aCurioustwirl and I arrived at the tag sale early and waited in line patiently, I think we were about fifth or sixth in line, when an familiar competitor showed up wearing her lucky hat with a famous design team logo that I can’t mention for fear of being banned from a certain well loved vintage store that I haunt from time to time. This lucky hat wearing woman, that I will call #47, showed up with an attitude and not a good one.

She was late which put her at the end of the line but after taking a look around she placed herself in front of me in line and started bragging about her estate sale shopping skills. All the while #47 rambled on I was thinking “how dare she cut me in line and think she’s entitled to go first.” I was steamed when it hit me, she is after the same item that forced me to get up extremely early, skip my morning shower and risk being seen with big hair, more like extremely big hair sticking up in all directions due to the unseasonable humidity in the air.

I knew it, she’s headed to the basement to snag the mannequin I drooled over in the estate sale ad. I was certain of it because Betty would fit in beautifully with all the other kitschy cool merchandise in her shop.

I gave my friend the eye that suggested we not let on about our interest in Betty but instead stealthily beat her to the basement. I thought for a moment as I looked down at my shoes (my notoriously lucky estate sale clunky clogs with 3″ wooden soles) and realized that there was no way that I would be able to outrun even an 80 year old woman to the basement wearing these shoes (lucky or not) let alone this forty something woman with a strong stature and a kill or be killed attitude.

That’s when I turned to my friend and said ” I’m counting on you ”  my friend understood and was ready to take #47 on for a run to the basement.

Of course  my friend managed to throw a block in the stairway and dive in for the kill (I mean tag). It was all over in a matter of minutes and I was quite pleased to be able to stand in the check out line with Betty at my side flashing a grin over to #47 who looked rather disappointed with a measly gold frame in one hand and chunky beaded necklace in the other.

After the sale we happily pushed Betty down the sidewalk to the car and then drove off to a little diner for lunch, on me, of course!

So tell  me your most intriguing treasure hunting tips and tales. As we embark on a new season of  hunting and gathering treasure to add to cool collections.

Happy hunting!


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