Morning plans and me living in the moment while slightly off kilter 

This mornings jaunt to the chicken coop requires a sweat shirt which concerns me  just a bit since we are barely approaching mid August. August already? where has the summer gone and why does it feel like fall, so soon. Don’t get me wrong I love fall; the colors, the pumpkins, the sweaters and hot cider but what comes after the fall makes me sigh midway between sips of coffee.  I had such high hopes for this summer. There were projects, endless  projects that I fully expected to have done by now;  like the tiny house workshop sidelined because of the the cost and  the greenhouse. The barn project must be completed first, the site work is done but construction hasn’t begun. The chicken coop is done but now that we accidentally have 4 roosters their yard is in desperate need of expansion.

The whole summer seems a blur as each day feverishly slides into the next.  Each morning begins with expectations and a specific plan but somewhere between my morning coffee and a trek to the chicken coop, I lose track of time and my plans become lost in the moments; like when I realize the handle to the chicken run needs tightening and then suddenly  I see the light peaking through a berry bush and decide to spend the next fifteen minutes trying to capture the perfect shot or when my little eight pound darling dog, named Olive, wanders off through the woods tracking only God knows what which forces me to drop everything to chase her while anxiously calling “Olive I have cookies” which of course I don’t but I’m hoping she will believe that this time my promise is for real. 

Tiny distractions and Small slices of time lost in the moment send me slightly off kilter, just enough to keep me from completing most of the daily plan. It’s frustrating until in one of those fragmented slices of time I hear a  good morning cock a doodle from my young rooster so full of life and himself or I catch a blissful whiff of sweet basil while passing  through the garden gate and notice several ripening grapes drenched in the morning dew which makes living consciously and aware of these unplanned moments so worth the disruption. Most of my daily distractions are welcomed. I love the banter of the geese on the pond and the constant chatter from the hen house and  I  am sometimes envious of the confidence and self love of my rooster but then I wonder if his cocky behavior is authentic or just a brilliant rouse to entice the ladies.  It’s difficult to stay on task when you are in the moment and surrounded by the sounds and beauty of woods, rivers and meadows. I sometimes feel undisciplined and scattered but I am also grateful for my surroundings and the beautiful little distractions afforded to me. 

Yes I know I’m rambling on and my writing is full of run-on sentences but that’s me being my truly authentic self. I ramble and run on and I’m often unproductive but still I laugh just a little as the last swig of coffee from my cup is taken and then say to myself “perhaps next summer will be the year.” Well, that’s my plan anyway and I’m sticking to it, tee hee!

Cheers to unproductive behavior and ditching the plan while I recklessly enjoy the feeling of slightly off kilter!


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