Whispers of Spring and a plan for summer


Lately I’ve put nearly everything including my collecting and curating for the shop on hold to  work on the expansion of our urban farm.  Although  I’m really a simple girl my projects tend to become complicated and a bit dreamy at times.  My dreams have become a little more grandiose after ogling over the gorgeous pics of Patina Farms. Check them out over here.  See if you feel the love and envy that I do over their beautiful setting and  lovely gardens. I love, love the weathered look and rustic charm of their out buildings and the gardens are so meticulously laid out without a weed in sight. Patina Farm is about as close to perfect as I’ve seen.  I would love my farm to mirror their cozy feel and country charm.

 The lay-out for the new barn has increased several times and I’ve begun to shop for decor and details well before the footings have been poured. Partly because I couldn’t resist the latest barn sale and besides working backwards or from the inside out is nothing new to me anyway.


I picked up a few sections of picket fencing, barnwood benches and nesting boxes for the coop.  The gentleman who owns the farm collects and builds everything. He deconstructs old barns and buildings recycling his finds into reimagined projects. Thank you Wes for your great eye and collection and wonderful talent for creating useful items I can’t live without! 

 I  love this time of year partly because the winter blues are chased away by bright sunshine, chirping birds, and lovely flowers but also because I can’t resist a good outdoor flea market or barn sale. Even though I wish it would warm up and dry out a bit,  I am thankful that spring is finally here. Despite the uncooperative weather  the farm should be completed by mid-summer, fingers crossed!  That’s the plan anyway but we all know that even the best made plans have a way of going a little sideways and almost always take expedentually longer that expected.

Please Share with me what you love most about this time of year.

Happy Spring!


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