Tattered sofas 

Have you ever driven past an old tattered and broken piece of furniture along the side of the road and felt a little sad, like it symbolized a life that was over, shattered or perhaps misused?  Are you drawn like I am to the tattered, time worn and a little bit chippy antiques?

 I have often wondered why I feel a connection to items that have obviously had a long and sorted past. Perhaps it is my nurturing side that wants to covet and protect or maybe it’s because I always want to fix or repurpose things and even people. 

All my life it seems like I have been drawn to people, animals and even things that needed something, a little understanding, a coat of paint or perhaps a complete overhaul. Well no matter the reasons or details, I often think of the connection between things that are tattered and torn and people and their frayed and sometimes broken lives. 

Life can be hard and doesn’t always go as planned. But you can get out that can of paint or handy toolbox and make improvements and repairs or you can just sit back and appreciate the beauty of time and the effects of a few bumps in the road. Sometimes I think  it’s better to let the rough spots and raw edges show and just appreciate the beautiful mess created by a rough road and a little time. There are other times when I make just a few minor improvements and spruce things up a bit.

I wonder what it means if we are accepting of a few tatters and imperfections. Does it mean that we are an understanding soul who is willing to accept and even appreciate people and things as they are? So then what does it say about us if we feel as though we must smooth the wrinkles and cover up with a perfect coat of slick paint. Does this mean we are less willing to accept things as they are and strive for perfection from ourselves and those around us?

It may sound a little funny or perhaps a bit crazy to make comparisons between our decorating style and mental psyche. But I truly believe that all things in our lives are connected. The peeling paint and frayed edges I am drawn to while browsing the antique store represents parts of my life that feel as though they’re coming apart or still a bit unfinished. What do you think, is there a connection or am I just a girl who thinks too much?

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