Vintage Inspired Summer

Sun kissed patina and time worn beauty give this display the dreamy look of Summer’s past. I felt a tinge of meloncoly and a bit of nostalgia when I stepped into one of my favorite vintage haunts and saw this display of delicious beachy treasures of the past. It took me right back to my childhood days of sandy toes and sun bleached hair, my story was still unwritten as I run across the surf of giant Lake Michigan waves.  I laughed without care or worry as the lake splashed onto my sun kissed shoulders and over the my pink cheeks as it trickled into my open mouth.

Good staging and dreamy displays draw me in and beg for me to to dig deep to find the perfect babble or lovely treasure to call my own. But chippy paint and a rich patina get me every time and the items that make me stop and reminesse seem to call my name.  I love the old bathing cap and sand pail. They are so warm and familiar. I could swear they were mine.

Caps off to summer dreaming!

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