All I want is a little more time


All I want is a little more time; time to spend with my family, time to accomplish all the things put on the back burner, time to create and relish my creations, time to start and finish new projects, and finally time to live in the moment and just be.

Don’t get me wrong life is good for me but I have been especially aware and grateful for my life most resently because of several tragedies devistating several beautiful families in my area. The sad misfortunes of others causes us to appreciate what we have and want to spend time with our loved ones. It reminded us how short our time is and inspires us to enjoy every fleeting moment gifted to us. 

I don’t always use my time wisely and I have more free time these days then in the past but for some reason the time I have is never enough to quench my thirst and my ever expanding list of chores in need of completion and new projects waiting to begin. 

The shelves of my Studiopink shop are almost empty and I haven’t found the time for cool hunting lately. Instead I’ve been dabbling in a few new creative ventures like painting and journaling. I am easily distracted and quite often venture off course. I’ve been dabbling, reaching for and nurturing my creative soul, in search of new inspiration to fuel my current writing project. This project is currently unfinished and a little rough. I took a little break over the holiday and I’m having difficulty turning the faucet back on. I just can’t get the creative juices flowing. I really need to put the pen to paper and get something accomplished before I go on holiday, when I will be spending the month of March in an artsy village by the sea. This time serves me well as it refuels my core and replenishes my soul with creativity and flow. 

When I return to Michigan, renewed and ready for work, it will be spring. Speaking of spring I found the yummest publication a couple weeks ago and I just can’t put it down. While thumbing through my new seed catalog I feel the tease and my heart longs for spring. This catalog from Baker Creek Heirloom seeds is new to me. This  thick catalog is filled with juicy photos spread across the glossy page. 

Each and every inspiring page is filled with lovely images of interesting plants to fill your flower or vegetable garden. No matter if I place an order or simply use it for inspiration, It was worth the pricey tag just for the perusing pleasure alone.

As soon as the ground thaws and the grasses are taking on a little color it will be time to begin this years projects on my little urban farm. The plan to move the horses from the country barn to the urban farm property is finally going to happen this year. We had to jump through several legal hoops and pull permits before being granted a building permit for the barn. Also in the plans is a wonderful chicken garden with walk-in coop. Thank you Pinterest for the endless inspiration. 

Our little urban farm is finally starting to take shape. At least on paper, Lol. The physical act of constructing the buildings and moving the animals will begin in the spring. Spring time always brings forth new adventure and wonderful blessings which inspires me to create. This years unseasonably warm winter is causing a little spring fever which tickles  my urge to create something earthy. I have plans to create a new nature altar. I feel the burning twinge tugging at my feet to initiate a hunt through the trees on the property for the perfect nest and specimens capable of breathing life into my altar.

All I need is time to gather and create, pull the rest of the permits, buy the materials, build the structures and set the animals free.

Im looking forward to spring but I’m also trying to live in the moment while taking the time to relish and enjoy each day.

Time is a gift and I am grateful for each and every tick tock.

hugs,   Kelly


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