Deep thoughts in dark spaces



This post may be a little different from my usual posts but I  just felt like sharing a little of my personal self for just a moment. So here goes, lately  I’ve been doing a little researching and remembering events from my past. This little exercise has allowed me to get to know the girl I used to be and understand the woman that I have become. It’s funny how quickly we forget things and people from our past. I think while we’re in the middle of life’s moments we only see the tiny snippets right in front of our faces. We don’t understand the bigger picture and can’t always know what is really going on or why people make certain choices.  I would like to go back to that teenage girl and talk to her. I would like to give her a heads up, some insight and adult wisdom. 

It’s a very dreary day filled with dark skies and rain all around. I have many things that need to be done but instead of completing my very long list of chores I am watching a movie I’ve seen before and nursing a soar back with a heating pad. Sometimes movies strike a familiar cord and cause you to think deeply about what really matters and who you want to spend your time with.  I have been facing some difficult things most recently and I need some time to go through the emotions and thought process necessary on this part of my journey. Chores  will get done in due time but thoughts are fleeting and time is precious. The trials and tribulations of our lives prepare us for something bigger and lead us to the very place that we are supposed to be.  I’m making my way slowly just one thought at a time. This too shall pass, or so that is the story we’ve all been told. Life is funny just when you think you have things all figured out you find out that you’re wrong and in need of a new plan. 


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