I’m on the road to Shambala 

Summer is fading quickly, it’s time to begin the projects that have been waiting in the studio for me to come indoors and complete. One such project  that I recently completed was commissioned by one of my  Etsy customers. 

My inspiration for this Road 2 Shambala mixed media begin the day I stepped inside my little bohemian cottage. My hubby and I had a dream to purchase and renovate a romantic little cottage on the lake. So a few summers ago we set out to do just that and found a little gem in desperate need of rehab. Did I say desperate? Yes she was oh so desperate for help. 

As I looked around my little cottage the “Three Dog Night” song “Shambala” continued to play over and over in my head. I can’t explain why, songs are like that sometimes they come out of nowhere and just stick until they have served their purpose or driven you totally mad. 

The song and the name seemed fitting for our little oasis so this little getaway on the lake became the Shambala cottage. A few weeks later I designed a piece of artwork out of an old pallet and a printed map to hang on the front porch wall. 

While visiting my blog, one of my favorite customers, spied this art piece in a photo of Shambala cottage and asked me to make one for her. So the Made to order, Road 2 Shambala art assemblage, on 20″ by 24″ canvas was born. I modified this piece from a large pallet to a medium sized canvas. The canvas piece is smaller and much lighter, making it more economical to ship and more suitable to hang on an interior wall. 

I love this piece and the dream of getting to Shambala. In Buddhist teachings Shambala is a mythical kingdom of happiness.  I’m not sure what Three Dog Night had in mind when they wrote the song but as for me the Road to Shambala represents a journey to a Place of piece and tranquility where inner happiness blossoms all around. 

Do you remember the song?

Taken from the Three Dog Night lyrics ; 

“Ah, ooh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Ah, ooh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Everyone is helpful, everyone is kind. On the road to Shambala.”

Sing it with me,,,

Thank you Patti for allowing me to design this piece for you.


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