Feeling anxious because the end is near

I’m feeling a bit anxious these days. I’m anxious because summer is quickly slipping away and my time at My lovely little Shambala cottage is rapidly coming to end for the season.  This tiny red cottage started out as a shamble shack with an awful kitchen and an even worse bathroom with a leaky toilet and no shower. The roof had seen better days and the deck was falling in on the tiny storage shed below. It was a sad little house crying out for love and understanding. It took time, lots and lots of time but over the past three years my hubby and I have reloved this tiny mess into a lovely little cottage of late night stories and lake side bliss.

I love the way the Windows crank open and allow the summer breeze to flow past the sills and up through the cozy sleeping loft. This place is quite simple, no fancy furniture or high speed internet here, just cozy comfort and vintage charm. There is something magical about throwing a small suitcase in the truck and hitting the road (back roads only) on our way north for a lovely weekend at the cottage. I have to admit when we first thought about buying a lake house I imagined it as a place where everyone would gather on the weekend to splash in the water by day and huddle around the campfire by night. I was surprised to discover that most weekends everyone was too busy with weekly chores or too tired to pack their bags and spend the weekend at our tiny piece of paradise. At first I felt sad and a bit lonely in our cozy little cottage but then hubby and I began to enjoy the solitude and time alone, away from our busy lives. It was space to lie back and take life as it comes and time to talk and enjoy each others company.

This summer has almost come and gone with only a few weekends shared at Shambala cottage. It seems as though we have fallen into that too busy or too tired to make the trip excuse of friends and family. I feel sad that time has slipped away and I have enjoyed so little time this summer dangling my toes off the dock into the cool lake water. As I write this reminder to my future self, to make time for precious memories, I can almost smell the swirling smoke of a slow burning campfire and taste the melted chocolate sandwiched between a toasty marshmallow goodness.


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