Follow me to a place I call Wonderland

Welcome fellow dreamers to a place where imagination is limitless and laughter echoes through the trees like it could last forever. The characters emerged and the story developed just as if it had been typed and fell off the pages of a book written exclusively for a place called Wonderland. 

I love parties of all kinds but my favorite parties are filled with silly hearted magic and imaginative characters who delight in the opportunity to let their hair down and submerge themselves into whimsical thought and imaginative play. 

These days adults are so pressured to produce results and increase profits in clothes and expressions that keep their inhibitions wound neatly inside. We have very little opportunity to step out of our straight jackets and into something carefree and fun. Picture yourself in a place where imagination runs free and you are allowed to pretend and create and just maybe get a little silly with laughter spilling out your sides and bouncing off the ground in echoes of childhood.

Yes this is the place where whimsical memories and silly hearted characters fall off the page right into my tea party. A place where We can believe that anything is possible because all of our shattered pieces fall to the ground and sprout roots which give way to new blossoms and limitless possibilities. We are happy, we are young if only in our minds and if only for this moment in time. It may be fleeting but it is real and it is ours for the keeping if only in our hearts and in our memories where it will last forever. 

We can see the silly hearts right through the eyes of a child. This look beckons us to come and play for a little while. To love ourselves and believe in the magic one more time. For it is this magic that created the stars and the moon and allowed us to fall in love which gave life to a silly hearted child who spreads laughter and love between the walls and up through the ceiling. 

Follow me fellow dreamers to this secret place of magic and whimsy. I know the way and I have the key to this special place, a place I call wonderland. 

Thank you for following me down the rabbit hole to share my memories of tea party madness in wonderland. 


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