Barefoot in the garden

The act of digging your fingers in the soil, connecting with Mother Earth while planting, and beginning new life from seed, is a ritual and a magical act. To cultivate something in the black soil, see it sprout and then bloom, is something next to magic unfolding before your very eyes. The plant cycle is intrinsically tied to so many earth-based belief systems which varies by region, race and family traditions.  For some the act taking a plot of land and turning it into a beautiful bouquet comes easy and earns them the green thumb reputation while others struggle with the art of bringing a tiny seed to life. 

My gardens begin indoors but as soon as the weather allows my gardens spill out onto the patio and into the yard. Part of my daily ritual involves tending my tiny plants. It brings peace and contentment to my life.

Old chippy statues and bird baths are an intrical part of my gardens. They add charm and a back story to the lovely blooms that line my garden path. 

My garden is whimsical and oh yeah there are a few weeds, ha, ha.  Don’t ask what kind of boots I wear in the garden.  I like to feel the warm earth beneath my feet and the black soil between my toes. The soles of my feet directly connect with the soul of the earth. I love to experience the summer with my toes and garden in bare feet which makes me feel alive and free. I guess it is a pleasant reminder of my barefoot childhood. 
One of my favorite summer projects is making hyper tufa pots like this one.

I made this one a few years ago and have been waiting for a good opportunity to make some more. If you would like to try this project take a jog over to the 33shades of green blog for complete instructions.

Share with me.

What kind of garden projects do you do and what makes your garden special?

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