Mary’s Secret

Occasionally during house renovations, one might find old statues or remnants of faith that once belonged to previous owners. There is something quite beautiful about the spiritual energy of a house.

This story is about  a very special Mary  and the house she protected. 

As I walked into the room I found myself drawn to the warmth of her gently curved wood. She stood in the corner of the room on a shabby old table with billows of light reflecting off the glass window behind Mary casting shadows at her feet. I didn’t know anything about this Mary or why I found her so interesting. I didn’t know until the old man in the room spoke and told me her amazing story. His voice was calm and quiet and certain as he spoke about the day he purchased a piece of land that he planned to clear cut and sell the old growth walnut trees for a substantial profit.

The woods were dense and it seemed as though no one had been there in many years. He would have assumed that this wooded lot was much like many other parcels he had purchased in the past until he noticed a little path through the trees leading deep into the woods. He followed the overgrown path for several minutes until he noticed what looked like a tiny shed peeking through the kudzu vines. As he approached he pulled out a knife and began to cut away at the bramble. The mans eyes began to light up as he spoke of his amazement to find that this was more than just a little old shed in the woods but a tiny cottage with doors and windows and a faded welcome mat. It seemed that this small wood sided house had been all but forgotten standing alone in the thick of the forest.

His voice quivered as he described the look of the old cottage and his trepidation over turning the handle and walking through the doorway while stepping over a rotted threshold. He entered an empty room filled with dusty cobwebs, a saggy roof and crumbling plaster. There was light filtering in the Windows and scattered vines heavy with thick green leaves poking through the broken glass. As he made his way through the dimly lit rooms he came to a tiny cubby in the wall almost consumed in dusty cobwebs and crumbling plaster. Right in the center of the cubby was what appeared to be a piece of wood. Upon closer inspection he realized it wasn’t a hunk of wood at all but an intricately carved statue. Just then he heard a ruckus and caught a glimpse of something large and furry scurry past the doorway. Quickly and without giving any thought he grabbed the statue and exited the little cottage. He hurried back down the winding path and into the open field. It wasn’t until he reached his car that he looked down at the beautifully carved statue in his hands. As he carefully dusted it off he realized that this wasn’t an ordinary statue but a remnant of faith. A beautifully carved Mary in warm earthy wood. He knew it was special so he gently wrapped her in his jacket and sped off down the road to share his discovery with his wife.

He says now he feels a bit guilty for removing the statue and eventually demolishing what was left of the tiny cottage. Although He has no idea who carved it or how it got there, he feels she is special and protected the cottage from deterioration. Not long after her removal the cottage began to rot away at an accelerated pace. Now that he is approaching 90 and his wife is gone he no longer feels the need for her presence and feels the time has come to pass her on to a new home.

The mystery, the magic, I love stories and old items with a past. This lovely hand carved Mary statue is special and available here.

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