Breath deep, my friend, it’s finally spring

Every year on Earth Day I make a point to connect with Mother Nature by breathing deep as I take in the essence of new life and vibrant color. The frost is gone and the soil is beginning to warm as the trees sprout tiny buds of hope. The birds are noisy as they gather brown twigs in preparation for their impending brood. The long winter has finally subsided and the warm sun feeds my soul with promise of bare feet sinking deep within the rich brown soil of my lovely  garden.

This year I celebrated the day with several hours of filling pots with heaps of juicey succulent plants. I chose vessels of many varieties like antique trophys, old paint cans, a brass chalice and lovely old milk glass. I love the various heights, shapes and colors. I paired the pots with shells and nests and other organic textures.

As soon as the temperature is steady and the nights remain warm I’ll move them outside and set  up intersting vignettes on my deck and potting bench. In the meantime, I’m so thankful that spring is creeping in and the curtains are swaying as the breeze flows gently past the window pane breathing new life into my home.

Take a silent moment to really listen so you can hear the crackling of the earth as it warms in the sun. Stand in one place to feel the breeze brush your brow and the warm sun kiss your cheek. Breath deep, my friend, and take in the magic of spring. 

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