Love Letters spoken in the language of Flowers

I recently started reading a beautiful book called “The Language of Flowers” written by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. I have always loved flowers and definitely had a preference for one variety over another but never knew that there was a secret language behind every bloom.  

Taking a walk through the rows of delicate petals and beautiful colors of my local greenhouse is therapy for me. It lightens my step and clears my head of all the swirling thoughts and grumbling worries of daily life. Now that I am aware of the hidden meanings and secret language murmuring through the isles I feel transported to a hidden garden of love letters and secret symbolism that I never knew existed. 

I have always chosen flowers based on the lovely color, or interesting shape but little did I know that the bouquet I chose was wrought with symbolism and spewing words that could be construed as a love letter or cautious warning. I am a very spontaneous person, very visual and always drawn to beauty. But now that I am reading  “the Language of Flowers” I will be very cautious and totally mindful of my floral selection, listening before I leap to the hidden messages murmuring from between the roots and flowing amongst the colorful buds and delicate petals. 

Praying for warm sun and lovely spring breezes to bring a floral conversation to my garden. 🙏🌷🍄🌻

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