Secrets of a Shabby Goddess

Her beautifully crackled patina is weathered to perfection and filled with memories of music and dancing along a shell strewn path in a lovely little garden by the sea. Secrets of indiscretions and romance are buried deep within the crazing of her creamy plaster complexion.

This beautiful statue was rescued  from a garden of ruins and rehomed to a little pink studio. Her graceful body over shadows curvy antique chairs and curious collections. She stands in waiting for the next chapter to unfold. A new life filled with dancing, juicy secrets and laughter.

This chippy mirror, shabby table and salty treasures from the sea would make the perfect companions for my shabby goddess.

So shabby and delish, she adds romance and whimsy to a sleepy room of old furniture.  She’s lovely and available at Studio Pink.

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