The winter blues and me

The mad rush is over and the holiday decorations are tucked away for another year. My skin is pale, my  jeans are tight and I have already broken my New Years resolution. It’s hard to feel motivated when the sky is perpetually gray and the weatherman is forecasting yet another snow storm for the weekend. 

This is the time of year when I’m desparetely searching for inspiration and a stretch of warm sand to bury my toes in. I have spent the last few evenings in a fantasy state of mind while looking at beachside bungalows for sale at  Yes, they say that I’m a dreamer!

This is always a low time of year for me because I am not a fan of gray skies and frigid temperatures. The magic of the holiday is over and the cold has settled deep into my bones which makes me a bit melancholy. I am normally a very upbeat and optimistic soul, full  of energy and ready for the next adventure. 

But I always struggle just a little this time of year. I know that it will pass, it always does,  just as soon as the earth warms up  and leafy green shoots begin to emerge by poking their tiny faces upward thru the sleepy winter soil. 

Tell me what inspires and feeds your soul thru the dead of winter? I want to know your secrets. Share your cozy recipes and inspiring optimism for a happy and healthy winters nap. 

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