Earthy vibes; A color story


Sacred is the word that comes to mind when I walk into a lush forest or tranquil meadow. The organic essence of earthy color schemes whisper reassuring comforts that take me back to an afternoon of my childhood. A day when I lay on my back nestled deep within the spongy moss floor of a wooded lot behind my home. Gazing up thru the tall mysterious trees reaching for the fluffy white clouds floating effortlessly above. My mind drifts through stories of magic fairies and buried treasure. This memory represents some of the best feelings of childhood when there were no worries and hope floated over head in big fluffy clouds shaped like elephants and ponies.

Every home tells a story and color is undoubtedly the main character that leads us through the chapters. It sets a stage for the many scenes to come. Color like scent evokes a visceral response and taps into memories and feelings of the past. 

Tell me, What color tells your story?

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